Woollybear Festival

Mr Dick Goddard has announced that the two thousand seventeen Festival will be held

Want to March in the Wonderful, Wacky, Woollybear Parade?

2017 WB Parade Application

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Woollybear five hundred Race, King & Queen Woollybear Costume and Woollybear Animal Look-A-Like Contest

2017 Woollybear Festival Schedule of Events coming soon!

Vermilion, Ohio’s FOX eight Woollybear Parade


Vermilion’s Woollybear Parade is one of the largest parades in the state of Ohio. It starts at 1:30 pm and lasts approximately two hours. Please reminisce streets will close at 12:30pm so plan accordingly. .

Woollybear Festival Area

There are two Woollybear Festival areas in the center of historic downtown Vermilion, Ohio. One is at Victory Park on Rt. Sixty (S. Main St.) north of Ohio St. The 2nd is in Exchange Park at the corner of Rt. Sixty (N. Main St.) and Rt. Six (Liberty Ave.). The Woollybear Festival areas consist of entertainment, food booths, craft booths, and merchant sales. Woollybear T-shirts, Woollybear sweatshirts, and Woollybear hats will be available at the Vermilion Chamber of Commerce stand. Various entertainers are at the main stage across the day. Parade commentary by Dick Goddard of Fox eight occurs at the reviewing stand. See VermilionOhioNews.com for Woollybear Festival updates.

Woollybear Festival Parking THREE (Three) Shuttle locations

They will be parking and shuttling for $7 per car and that includes shuttle to and from festival:)

All have Handicap/stroller capability.

The locations are as goes after:

  1. Vermilion Schools five thousand three hundred fifty five Sailorway Drive (Shuttles run 9a-5p)
  1. Pat O’Brien Chevrolet two thousand three hundred fifteen State Route sixty (Shuttles run 9a-7p)
  1. Pat O’Brien Chevrolet Parts four thousand five hundred forty five Liberty Avenue (Shuttles run 9a-7p). This gives you options coming from either East or West of Vermilion. The buses will shuttle you to the festival area downtown.

Local non profit organizations benefit from the proceeds from the shuttle buses:

Prom to Dawn and Safe Harbor Animal Rescue in Vermilion.

*Reminisce roads close at 12:30pm so please plan on coming early and staying until the end…it is going to be a beautiful day!

Click below for printable Woollybear Bus Shuttle information


World’s Greatest Kids Race

Queen’s Festival Breakfast

Woollybear Restrooms

Detect Vermilion, Ohio

If the excitement of the Woollybear Festival isn’t enough then while you’re in Vermilion be sure to stroll around town and visit it’s quaint shops and stores suggesting everything from home-made chocolates to candles. There’s even an old fashioned soda fountain in downtown Vermilion. One of the major attractions of the town is the Inland Seas Maritime Museum. Founded to preserve and interpret the maritime history of the Fine Lakes you can stand at the helm of a real lake ore freighter, see artifacts from famed shipwrecks in the lakes, and surround yourself with the history of everything from the Battle of Lake Erie to the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. Another unique feature of Vermilion is “The Lagoons” a prestigious residential area across the sea from downtown. To get a water-level view of the town and the lagoons The Mystic Belle, a little sternwheeler cruise boat, will be operating during the Woollybear Festival taking visitors on rails up and down the Vermilion Sea.

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