www.uppermichiganssource.com After Ishpeming’s Labor Day parade, union members and community members gathered at the Lake Bancroft Park for a picnic, family entertainment and a beer tent, manned by Senator Scott Dianda and two Democrat candidates. To learn more about donating to the ease efforts, click here.

With newer, cleaner cars on the road, is Washington’s vehicle emission test still necessary? Turns out, the state has been preparing to get rid of the emissions test for years. The law is set to expire at the end of 2019. Share story Air pollution: Bad. Cars that meet environmental standards: Good. Tests to check […]

Why was NDTV India banned and what does the law say? The central government`s decision to ban Hindi news channel NDTV India for a day has been sharply criticised by observers, journalists and opposition parties alike. This is the very first time ever that a news channel has been barred from broadcasting for breaching national […]

Mashable Why Tesla’s Model three will be the most significant electrified car of our time Will we recall this moment? The month, the day, the hour Tesla CEO Elon Musk embarked shipping Tesla Model three to the very first of a reported 373,000 customers and, perhaps, switched the course of electrical vehicles forever?

One dramatic chart shows why electrified cars are about to become mainstream Charging the Tesla Model S. Tesla Motors One of the most expensive parts — if not the most expensive part — of an electrical car is its battery. So when car companies are able to make batteries cheap enough to put electrical vehicles […]

Which Quentin Tarantino movie is best? Ranking all nine of the iconic director’s films, from Reservoir Dogs to The Hateful Eight Classics to the left of me, Death Proof to the right… Tarantino’s latest The Hateful Eight had a long and rocky road before it eventually hit cinemas in January 2016, but it was worth […]