These Massive Shifts Are Killing The Auto Industry’s seven Years Of Growth Slumping monthly sales from automakers like Ford Motor (F), General Motors (GM) and Fiat Chrysler (FCAU) reflect a massive shift in consumer preference from sedans to crossovers, which has left old stockpiles languishing on dealer lots, an Edmunds analyst said.

The Other Shoe Drops: Prime Auto Loan Losses Surge As Recoveries Tumble When we looked at subprime auto delinquencies most recently, we found some troubling trends: very first, in February, we displayed that 61+ day delinquencies in General Motors’ subprime securitization book would support a rather bleak thesis for future auto sales, and specifically the […]

The nine Most Insane Vehicles That Are Street Legal If we’ve ever made you laugh or think, we now have a way where you can thank and support us! Even if you’re not indeed into cars, everyone has a wish vehicle. If it’s not the standard reaction like “classic Mustang” or “Bugatti Veyron,” then maybe […]

The five scariest car hacks – including some that could make you crash Above: A connected car at Mobile World Congress two thousand fourteen in Barcelona. The specter of connected car hacking sparks discussion even however there has never been a confirmed case of a malicious attack. The good news is that the most notable […]

Fall, Winter and Spring in the two thousand seventeen Mazda CX-9 For the most part, road testing a fresh model consists of a two-day stint covering over three hundred km. Then, it`s possible some weeks later to test the same vehicle out in greater depth, say for a period of seven days. The third possibility […]

Appalling movie shows truck swerving across the road before it plowed into church bus and killed thirteen as former football player driver, 20, ‘admits he was TEXTING the entire time’ By Reporter and Cheyenne Roundtree For and Jennifer Smith For 13:Legal BST one Apr 2017, updated 20:16 BST one Apr two thousand […]