The nine Most Insane Vehicles That Are Street Legal

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Even if you’re not indeed into cars, everyone has a wish vehicle. If it’s not the standard reaction like “classic Mustang” or “Bugatti Veyron,” then maybe it’s, say, the Batmobile, or a car that flies.

Of course, the problem with getting too fanciful with your automotive wishes is that the truly crazy stuff would never be street legal. Or would it? After all, at this moment you can buy .


The good people at Putsch Racing hereby bring you this flawlessly functional, street legal replica of the one thousand nine hundred eighty nine Tim Burton movie version of the Batmobile.

As toughly one hundred twenty percent of Cracked readers are dedicated Batman fans, chances are you’re looking at the epitome of every automotive fantasy you’ve ever had. And it’s effortless to understand why — having the Batmobile as your private rail would improve your life in every conceivable way. Messed up parallel parking and scraped another car? Who would raise hell at the stud who drives the Batmobile? Late for work? “I’m sorry, I had a hard time finding a parking space for my Batmobile.” Get charged with a crime? Pointing at your Batmobile grants you an instant pardon.

“Tormentor, we’re willing to turn a blind eye to all that smack you’ve been smuggling in exchange for one five-minute rail.”

And the people at Putsch didn’t set out to make just any old movie replica, either. They actually went as far as building it with an actual turbine-powered engine, a feat that, incidentally, even the “actual” movie Batmobile didn’t truly have. Powered by a military-grade Boeing turbine engine taken from a drone helicopter, the Batmobile can reach speeds of up to one hundred eighty mph, and could very likely be much swifter if it wasn’t for the fact that the cool design creates a lot of haul and makes it a bitch to treat at high speeds.

Wait, they stole an engine from one of the Joker’s rails? Oh, SNAP!

The creator of this masterpiece, Batman admirer and possible superhero gadgeteer Casey Putsch, took to his work with admirable dedication. He never actually knew much about turbine engines before the project — he learned how to rebuild the turbine engine from scrape, all in order to achieve maximum levels of Batmanism. Mission accomplished, Casey. Mission accomplished.

Now, if you’d ever need to go undercover while still packing the same horsepower, you could go for the .

Imagine you’re stuck at a traffic light with your VW Beetle when some jerkass comes along and starts revving his fancy sports car engine at you. He’s being as obnoxious as he possibly can, clearly goading you into a race so he can abase your unassuming, fuel-efficient rail and impress his date at your expense.

Then the light goes green, you fire up your goddamn jet engine and vanish into the horizon, leaving behind a stench of burned rubber and mildly scorched sports car proprietor.

“Sorry about your hair. Shouldn’t have bought a convertible.”

The Jet Beetle is exactly what it says on the box: a sensible, unassuming fresh model Volkswagen Beetle . that has a giant-ass Navy surplus General Electrified T58-8F jet engine (the same type that’s used to land the presidential chopper) strapped on.

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